Basement Renovation and Remodeling

A basement is a great space that can add new dimensions to your life at home, whether it’s to accommodate guests, seclude the kids to a soundproof area, provide extra storage space, help your mortgage by building a separate unit to have a tenants, or just to optimize the quality of your life.

Just imagine what a newly renovated basement can do for your home. The comfort. The atmosphere. The increase in value and maybe even the ability to rent it out and increase your income. Whatever it is, we are the experts who will do it right for you.

We handle a wide variety of tasks including finishing basements, sealing basement floors, painting basement walls, fixing basement leaks, remodeling basements, framing basements, installing drop ceilings in basements, building basement rental suites, performing general basement renovation and maintenance and much more!

Fixing your basement

However you visualize your basement, Handyman Oakville has been fixing basements practically since the beginning of time!  Ready to transform your basement dungeon into a functional space?

Whether it’s a full basement redesign and renovation or some simple repairs, Handyman Oakville can do it for you.

We are the leading basement renovation contractors and provider of Basement finishing services. Our basement renovation ideas are great and suitable to your home and offices.

Call now and get a quote for either fixing or renovating your basement.

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