Window Replacement and Repair

Your Windows and Doors are the gateways to your home. They also keep your hydro bills low when they aren’t cracked and in disrepair. Often, the cost of all the energy lost can supersede the cost of the replacement, so don’t hesitate to call one of our Handyman Toronto┬áto take a look at your windows and doors to make all the repairs or replacements you need.


Installing Windows

Replacing a window can be a costly event in any home budget so you should make sure that you hire someone who will do it right and seal it properly. Unless there are cracks or a broken window to deal with most home owners are switching older windows with newer more cost effective windows; going from a single pane to a double pane window for example. Our Handymen are experts with windows and doors and are very knowledgeable with the proper procedure to seal a window and improve the energy efficiency of your home.


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